Link DirectorySubmission Rules


We make an effort to review as many submissions as possible, but we cannot always accept every submission.

When submitting, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and unique description for your link. The title and description should reflect the content that a user would find on your site.

Your site should not display popups, or attempt to install any software on the user 's computer. Your site should be complete with all links working, and with a generous amount of content. If your site is new, please consider making sure it is both complete and worthwhile to a potential user before submitting to the directory. Finally, sites containing content that is not legal in all parts of the World, or is not legally viewed by children may not be accepted.

We accept only featured links on main categories!

We do not accept health, gambling and dating sites on free options!

Free link's description must be unique!

Deep links are accepted only for paid links.

Non English sites accepted only for World and Regional and their subcategories.

Thanks for doing your part to submit a quality site that users of this directory will love, as this will be good for your site, and our directory. Thanks so much for your quality submission!


Title: Website's title or a keyword which indicate web site's subject, 1 to 4 words, every word must start with uppercase letter (not every letter).

URL: Main URL for free links deep links accepted for paid options only.

Description: Explain the website purpose or subject, use your keywords naturally, do not fill with keywords, write keywords on meta keywords section. Description must be unique for free submissions we can edit the description for paid options if needed.

Owner Name: Shown on details page.

Owner Email: Use valid email for confirmation.

Spam Filter: Write the answer of question (The question may change periodically). This to recognize automatic submissions. If it is not correct the link deleted atomatically.

Meta Keywords: Write your keywords for search engines.

Meta Description: Write your description for search engines.

Reciprocal Link: Required for Reciprocal option. Our do follow link must be on your homepage.

Extra Features for Paid Links

Adress: Adress, City, State and Postal code will be shown on Googlemaps.

Image: Logo or any image you want to see on your details page.

Deep Links: 3 Other pages URL from your website.Available for featured links.


Articles must be unique, useful for the reader and grammatically correct.

Articles must be submitted on the relevant categories.

Articles can contain 3 links or less. Articles on gambling, dating and medications are not accepted.

Basic html accepted.

We have the rights to edit or change every submitted information.